CreativeNatiive has been around since 2010, the seed was planted way earlier than that but I didn't actually put anything in gear until July 31, 2010 when late one night I decided to make a website. From then on I have been putting one foot forward at a time and I'm so glad I started my journey.



What do we sell?

VINTAGE: I sell Vintage clothes, things and jewelry. Vintage typically means an item that is 20years or older. So when you click oh HER or HIS "vintage" you are shopping things that have been around for years and hold lots of value for the person that will appreciate it. I have been thrifting well before it was "popular" I was thrifting when it was actually made fun of. To keep something around for so long, and wonder where that item had been is something special to me, also they don't always make the things they used to today... so when shopping vintage you really have a chance to shop one of a kind items that no-one else will have!


STYLE: I sell style, as silly as that sounds... you read that exactly right. Besides vintage I literally shop for a living so I run across things that are really cool, or a great staple piece for ones closest. When you shop "style" you are shopping items that I hand pick from around everywhere. I mostly love finding simple basics that everyone could use no matter what style you have... then I like finding pieces that are so unique it caters to one audience. Whatever the case may be for the items you see I created "shop style" for you to ADD to your wardrobe, and Items that you may have a hard time finding.


REUSED: You will also see pieces that have been used in production such as photoshoots, and music videos. In the items gallery there should be photos of where and how it was used prior.